Secure Data Extract (SDE) Export Information Page

Welcome to the Secure Data Extract (SDE) Export information page. The material here is intended to provide an overview of this important functionality to both Third Party Vendors and SMS|Host Customers. There are answers to frequently asked questions, links to some helpful documents and a Request-for-Contact form that Vendors can use to initiate the Validation process for their products.

  • What is an SDE Export?

    Springer-Miller Systems’ Secure Data Extract (SDE) provides an inexpensive framework to support automated, schedulable, one-way data exports from the SMS|Host PMS to complimentary hospitality systems. Acting as a protective gateway to your system, the SDE facilitates rapid, reliable and more frequent access to the data that hospitality product vendors need in order to provide services to properties and their guests.

  • Why would I need one?

    Beginning in mid-2018 with the release of SMS|Host version 22.1 and coinciding with the advent of the EU’s General Data Privacy Requirements (GDPR), SMS announced that we would no longer support direct access to system databases from external parties to harvest, scrape or mine data directly from a property’s system – all systems will need to communicate with 3rd party products through an interface or via a sanctioned export.

  • What is the downside of non-compliance?

    Apart from the security concerns, allowing 3rd parties to have direct access to the  SMS|Host production database is frequently a contributor to sporadic SMS|Host performance degradation including potential slow-downs, locked files and error messages resulting from inaccurate commands, extremely large file sizes or ill-timed harvesting procedures. No vendor wants to cause you harm but accidents or processing conflicts can lead to frustration for users.

  • How does it work?

    Utilizing a custom profile for each vendor, the SDE targets the databases they require and tracks all changes compressing, encrypting and transporting them automatically via a secure channel on a scheduled basis.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Security: Increased through elimination of direct/uncontrolled external access to SMS|Host
    • Protection: Sensitive data are removed prior to export while encryption in transmission complies with data privacy requirements
    • Reliability: Consistent and dependable delivery of data
    • Automation: Fully autonomous processing
    • Speed: Much smaller data feeds result in much shorter transmission periods
    • Frequency: Smaller extracts enable greater frequency of exports
    • Economy: SDE supports multiple vendor exports from a single installation
    • Performance Safeguard: Reliance on an official interface protects against unintended performance degradation

SDE Vendor Partners

SMS has a growing library of SDE Vendor Exports to which properties can subscribe. These support products addressing Owner and
Member communications, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Sales & Marking services and more. Please contact
your Account Manager to validate your current vendor arrangements and help prevent any interruptions in service with your next update.


SFE – Scheduled File Export (SFTP)

For automated data exchanges with 3rd parties requiring only the CSV output of reports or a utility, the SMS|Host Scheduled File Export (SFTP) provides a safe, secure and reliable mechanism to transport those contents to a validated set of SFTP credentials at the vendor’s destination.



Contact your SMS Account Manager to explore whether an SFE can address your integration needs.

Additional Information

The following are links to materials you can share with your management that will help to explain Secure Data Extracts as you determine what you may need in your property:

SDE Customer Introduction – May 2018

SDE Customer Reminder – July 2019

SMS|Host SDE Export Cut Sheet

SDE Vendor Information Guide

For answers to further questions regarding the SMS|Host Secure Data Extract, please contact your SMS Account Manager.