Working Through These Challenging Times and Contingency Planning

Getting Through These Challenging Times and Contingency Planning

With unprecedented moments such as these in life, it is important to remind each other that all of us are united in this together, especially through these challenging times. Today, the hospitality industry, along with others, face a significant and difficult period with regards to cancellations and lost revenue with each passing day. However, hotel managers can take this time to not only focus on encouraging guests to reschedule their visit, but also work to develop future contingency plans at your property. Asking guests to consider postponing their upcoming trip if possible, rather than cancelling altogether, will help to at least keep potential revenue on the table. In addition, this can provide your guests with hope that the global issues we are currently facing will soon pass.

Changing the Destination Instead of Cancelling
Encouraging visitors to consider postponing their upcoming trip rather than canceling it, if applicable, is beneficial for both hotels and their guests. Instead of cancelling an entire trip, your guests can focus on rescheduling and looking ahead towards a brighter future. Not only will this provide your guests with an opportunity to enhance their future trip, but this gives guests peace of mind that things will hopefully turn around and your hotel will be there for them when it does. In addition, this will give hotels incentive to weather the storm with the hopes of returning back to normal once this turbulent period ends.

Highlighting Your Property’s Flexible Rates & Cancellation Policies
As any consumer, the initial response to cancelling a trip or hotel stay is to ensure they are able to either get their money back or reschedule. Giving your guests peace of mind and reminding them of your properties cancellation policies, especially during this time, will help ease the financial stress they are facing. Along with this, sending out emails to previous guests highlighting the current situation will demonstrate your understanding of how this has impacted both your property and the lives of your guests. When things turn around, your guests will remember the sentiment and will be more likely to re-book with your property in the future. In addition, being flexible towards your guests demonstrates the true nature of the hospitality industry itself. Whether it was another property that refused to allow any cancellations or rescheduling of dates, your property will already have an advantage as guests will be truly satisfied with their experience.

Using This Time for Creative Campaigns & Planning Contingencies
In a time of change and uncertainty, planning ahead can be the most logistic thing to do for your staff and property. A contingency strategy is planned as a result and is often used for risk control in an unprecedented event. As opposed to a regular business plan, contingency plans establish a new framework for moving forward after unprecedented events have occurred. With a different approach, creating and implementing new and creative campaigns for your property can increase potential sales and appeal to potential new guests when visiting your property once things begin to turn around. From guest loyalty, technological investments, sustainability efforts and more, these are just a few options to add into any contingency plan when moving forward after times such as these.

From everyone at Springer-Miller Systems, thank you for your continuous support. May we look to a more positive outlook, brighter days and good health as we work together and move forward through these difficult times. To learn more about what Springer-Miller Systems is doing during these challenging times, read our ‘Updates from SMS Surrounding COVID-19’ article.