Keeping Guests Loyal to Your Property

Keeping Guests Loyal to Your Property

The hospitality industry today has a higher standard than ever before, and for many reasons. With the knowledge and integration of new technologies taking on a predominant role at most properties, software such as property management systems are becoming increasingly more important within the hospitality industry. With that being said, leveraging this technology to meet and satisfy customer needs is key to the success of a hotel increasing their customer loyalty. By creating a loyal client base, your property can gain a significant number of regular clients, who are likely to become advocates as well. Through building customer loyalty through regular communication with guests and exceeding the guest experience, hotel managers can continue to drive growth by being able to attract visitors throughout the year. Several customer satisfaction tactics can be implemented to turn potential customers into regular visitors and to strengthen these relationships with your current guests as well.

A Good First Impression
The saying ‘first impressions are everything’ is applicable here. Until their stay ends, being aware of the desires and expectations of your guests is crucial to obtaining customer loyalty. From online booking to a positive check-in process, this gives your property the chance to offer a seamless experience from the guest’s initial first impression to the end of their stay. Hotel staff can exceed the needs of guests by not only delivering seamless and professional service upon entering the property, but providing the same level of hospitality throughout their stay. In addition, having your hotel staff buy in to providing guests with a positive guest experience during their stay can help increase overall guest satisfaction and make them more likely to return in the future.

Hotel Loyalty Programs and Incentives
Knowing how to impress your guests will help to increase loyalty and establish long-term visitors at your property. Loyalty programs are a key component of consumer satisfaction initiatives. Depending on the rewards given, visitors will likely be committed to staying at your property. Check for what guests want and seek to deepen your understanding of preferences for every encounter, as well as return visits. The value of a reward program must be both demonstrated and offered to all guests to establish a loyal following. Once you have progressed in committing to your loyalty plan, make sure that this is the foundation for maintaining trust in long-standing consumer satisfaction programs at your property.

Exceeding Expectations
Adding that personal touch for your guests will not only increase customer loyalty but leave a lasting impression for guests when booking their next hotel stay or vacation. Whether your software system, such as SMS|Host, reminds staff of that guest’s favorite onsite service, or which family prefers extra towels over extra pillows, exceeding guest expectations will contribute to guests coming back over and over again. Just as important as exceeding guest expectations is focusing in on the little things that can make a big difference. Planning strategic initiatives through gestures and services for your guests will help to not only personalize their experience while at the property, but also leave a lasting impression even after their stay has ended.

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