How Technology Benefits Hotel Managers

How Technology Benefits Hotel Managers

Behind the scenes of every successful hotel manager and their property, there are tactics and strategies used to ensure that the hotel is performing in its most effective and productive state. However, to ensure all of this, oftentimes hotel staff and managers need some ‘behind-the-scenes’ help. Technology has become a huge tool used within the hospitality industry, especially for hotel managers, when it comes to providing guests with the best quality service that meets their needs and desires throughout their stay. With high-tech advances in personalizing the guest experience, managing daily tasks for employees throughout the property, generating reports and gaining greater insight into hotel performance, and building a strong relationship between new and continuous guests, the hotel industry has become impacted in a positive light through the advancements within technology.

Enhancing and Personalizing the Guest Experience
Most properties have a shared common goal: to give the guest an experience that will keep them coming back to their property in the future. Creating this personalized experience not only appeals to the guest, but also ensures that they will continue to come back to your property, over and over again. With Springer-Miller Systems property management system, SMS|Host, hotel staff are able to stay in complete control by accommodating guest requests, saving information based on the guests’ preferences from a previous stay, and much more. Whether the guest is staying on the property for work or leisure, these efforts will make any guest feel at home and at ease with a more personalized stay.

Employee Management
Not only does technology increase productivity within your hotel, but technology can also optimize everyday tasks and procedures amongst hotel staff. This not only ensures that your staff are on top of their daily duties within their respective roles, but it also helps them be more efficient on a daily basis. Whether it is tracking each room’s housekeeping status, or a maintenance check-list provided within the mobile features of an effective, property management system, employee management can be balanced and optimized with the technology available in these solutions. In addition, by streamlining and simplifying the hotel staff’s roles, such as by providing them with software that offers staff-facing mobility, like with SMS|Host Anywhere, employee satisfaction is surely to increase as well.

Online Reputation and Relationship with Potential Customers
In today’s hyper-connected world, building a good relationship with potential guests often starts with the experience with your brand online. Through online review sites such as Hotel Tech Report, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and more, having a good relationship with potential visitors requires upholding the same service online as you would provide to customers in person. By investing in an online booking platform, such as WorldNXT by Springer-Miller Systems, you can provide guests with a simple, yet intuitive online booking experience and start things off on the right foot. Staying active on social platforms, and responding to emails or direct messages online through these sites is important to not only upholding your property’s image, but also bringing in new guests as well.

Reports and Analysis
Aside from the benefits hotel management software can have on both staff and guests, technology can also benefit hotel managers when generating up-to-date reports and analysis within the property. Property management software can be used to collect important guest data, allowing hotels respond to guest needs and preferences, along with determining revenue per guest and the impact on hotel performance. Springer-Miller Systems property management software, SMS|Host, is designed to do exactly this! From boosting bookings, to increasing revenue with our online booking engine, hotels can gain greater insight to business performance and truly take their property to the next level.

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