Thinking Green – Reasons to Keep Your Property Sustainable

Thinking Green - Reasons to Keep Your Property Sustainable

Within recent years, the hospitality industry has made a significant impact on the environment through the consumption of energy, water, and consumer goods. Sustainability ensures that the natural ecosystems can continue supporting life, as well as providing resources to maintain current and future needs for the planet in order for it to sustain itself and those on it. The hotel industry can add pressure on the environment by demanding more of the Earth’s natural resources through building properties within regions that serve as popular tourist attractions. Because of this, there is an actual risk that the framework for which the hospitality industry is established could also be damaged. So, how can we balance out abiding to this industry while thinking green? As hotel managers and staff become increasingly aware that they can offer a better guest experience that caters to the modern traveler by incorporating more sustainable elements and products into their property, the impact of going ‘green’ has far-reaching benefits that extend across the hospitality industry.

Brand Image
Most properties have realigned their image to reach a younger generation of consumers that are socially and environmentally conscious. The younger generations are thinking ‘greener’ and pride themselves on knowing what companies are enforcing sustainable practices more than others, while truly focusing on making it a part of their brand’s mission. In a recent Forbes study, they explained that, “80% of millennials and generation z consumers preferred to work for employers with sustainability practices in place and as part of the mission of the company.” Sustainable practices not only lead to a better reputation, but creates a stronger brand image surrounding the property’s name that will be aligned with their property for the long haul.

Cost Savings
Within any business, how they spend their money has always been a key factor to success, and the hospitality industry is no different. By investing in new operations and maintenance methods with emerging environmental technologies, cost reduction and efficiency strategies may be applied and achieved. Some properties have begun implementing a variety of cost-saving measures such as waste reduction, as well as reusing and recycling strategies thanks in large part the concept of sustainability. In addition, sustainable solutions are now being applied during the property building stage, as green practices are helping to reduce costs even before the hotel or resort is built. Furthermore, training programs for staff on sustainability help improve overall performance, and ensure all employees are on the same page when it comes to the cost-saving benefits that can be achieved with a fully committed, sustainable property. While going green has often been considered an expensive undertaking for hotels, the reality is that majority of these practices actually save the property money, both in the short and long term.

Guest Experience
Many ‘green’ customers want to ensure that their efforts in sustaining the environment are being done even while they are away from home. More hotels have begun to see the demand for more sustainable practices, and those who have already implemented some of these changes, are already benefitting from a more enhanced and satisfied guest experience. What the guest is thinking and feeling throughout their stay on the property will not only bring in continuous, loyal visitors, but also create a better overall image of the property within the guests eyes that will leave them coming back repeatedly. By listening to the guests needs, and implementing greener, more sustainable processes, their overall experience will better meet their expectations. Going green doesn’t have to look cheap either, there are numerous solutions for environmentally-friendly products, lighting, and materials that will not only help enhance the look and feel of your hotel, but actually separate your property from the competition and provide your guests with a truly unique experience.

A suite of property management software solutions, such as Springer-Miller Systems, can ensure that your hotel or resort remains on track with sustainability efforts and help manage the day-to-day efficiency gains through insightful reports and detailed information. If you would like to see our software in action, or simply want more information, request a demo today and we’d be happy to show you how our solutions can take your property to the next level.