6 Must-Have Tools of Spa Management Software

Today’s spa professionals work in a competitive landscape where optimizing their technology is synonymous with meeting guest expectations and growing their business. Guests want instant access to services and having infinite information at their fingertips places the power in their hands as they have more choices than ever. However, with the increased connectivity comes opportunity. Spa-specific software offering mobile connectivity, simplified booking and streamlined scheduling are helping today’s spas capitalize on their growth potential. Here are six must-have software tools to ensure a happy guest and a healthy bottom line.

1. Guest Self Service – Give your guests instant access to all your spa offerings.

Guest Self Service (GSS) capability is an essential element of spa management software because it ensures your guests have instant and anytime access to your spa services. By allowing guests to book on their computer, mobile device, in their room or at a kiosk, GSS functionality boosts bookings while decreasing your labor cost. Not limited to bookings, GSS also allows your spa to provide faster and more personalized service by making it easy to respond to special guest requests. Avoid the front-desk bottleneck and enhance services by choosing spa software that allows guests to help themselves.

2. Yield Management – Forecast ahead to maximize your revenue potential.

Modern spa management software takes a page from the airline and hotel industry playbook by allowing you to use yield management principles to maximize your revenue. Analyze your business closely to identify lead times for booking, peak demand times and anticipate future business. Yield management functionality allows you to drive price-sensitive guests to low demand times when they can boost your numbers while leaving high demand times for more profitable guests. Find software that allows you to use tiered pricing to help you optimize your revenue stream.

3. Loyalty Program – Reward your best guests and keep them coming back for more.

Not all spa software systems make it easy for you to deploy a customized loyalty program that encourages repeat business. Look for a system that automatically tracks total amount spent, number of visits or referrals and awards points that those guests can redeem at your business. Integrating your loyalty program into your spa management software helps you market to your most valuable customers and is a great way to introduce new product lines or fill appointments during slow times. Leverage this powerful marketing tool to boost business while making your customers feel valued.

4. Electronic Intake Forms – Go green with efficient guest information collection.

Now more than ever, the demand for mobile and contactless options is not just a “must be nice” but a “must have” and expectation from guests. The best spa management software helps you eliminate paper and data entry through electronic intake forms, allowing guests to enter their information directly into your system and feel more comfortable. Electronic intake reduces data entry errors, labor costs, and communication issues. Once in your software system, the guest information is always accessible within the guest profile, streamlining the communication process when a guest has multiple treatment providers or multiple visits.

5. Suggested Products – Boost your bottom line with increased retail sales.

Today’s best spa software uses an automatic indicator at point-of-sale to increase the likelihood of guests purchasing recommended products at checkout. Instead of relying on guests to remember a recommended product, this system closes the loop by instantly alerting your checkout staff of any recommended products. It’s a 360-degree view of guest service from treatment to checkout that boosts your bottom line with increased retail sales.

6. Data Security – Protect your guests and avoid costly breaches.

Your relationship with your guest is built on integrity and trust. That’s why more and more spa professionals are looking for software that delivers on their commitment to the security of guest information. You have a responsibility to ensure that credit and debit card details, financial information, names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are secure and protected. Compliance with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards communicates your commitment to data security. Treat security compliance as a guest service initiative and competitive advantage – a preemptive strike against the bad PR that a data breach could bring.

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