Did you know you could get more out of your SpaSoft System than you thought?

Pool Cabanas

When you think of SpaSoft, there is a high chance your brain immediately thinks about “soft” ware for your “spa” right? What if I told you that it can also manage other businesses on your property to offer an even smoother guest experience? With SpaSoft’s flexibility you can manage multiple business centers from a single solution, share important guest information, streamline guest services and save on software, integrations and training.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking. “What else can I manage with SpaSoft and what functionality can be used to optimize those operations?”

Here are a few examples of other business centers and SpaSoft functionality that could help you streamline your operations:

  1. Salons
    • Easily overlap appointments to accommodate more guests at the same time
    • Schedulecustomized recurring appointments to help guests maintain their stylesUpsell services with enhancements and add-ons
    • Send appointment reminders automatically through email or text
    • Track professional product usage for each service
    • Automatically calculate staff commissions and gratuities
    • Drive more revenue with Gift Cards or Certificates
  1. Fitness Centers
    • Book Fitness Classes with Class Bookings (v.7.0+)! Customize class capacity, track registered guests, and easily pre-book class schedules
    • Offer Personal Training with SpaSoft Online Booking! Allow guests to choose their favorite instructor with trainer-specific services, optimize schedules with specific booking times, or remove required facilities to take your sessions outdoors.
    • Track Multi-Day Passes with Series! Offer guests the option to pre-purchase multiple day passes at a discounted rate, and let SpaSoft keep track of outstanding visits, proration and revenue.
  1. Pool & Cabana Rentals
    • SpaSoft is ideal for booking cabanas, daybeds and lounge chairs – track occupancy & facility usage, sell day passes & retail and, of course, report on it all.
    • Never leave money on the table! You can also offer reservations and boost revenue for your pool operations through our Online Booking Engine.
  2. Gift Shops
    • Did you know you can use SpaSoft’s POS module completely on its own? This is ideal for gift shops, grab and go locations and other retail outlets. Some of the benefits include:
      • Inventory Tracking
      • Returns, Discounts, Coupons
      • Integration – Inventory, Gift Card, Credit Card, PMS
      • Product Revenue Management
      • Email & Print Invoices
      • End of Day Reporting
  1. Leisure Activities
    • More and more properties are leveraging SpaSoft’s customizable activity, resource, and inventory features to manage all kinds of leisure guest experiences. Guests can even book on their own equipment and activities though SpaSoft’s Online Booking Engine such as:
      • Equipment Rentals
      • Water Sports
      • Hiking & Biking
      • Boat Cruises
      • Tennis & Pickle Ball
      • Horseback Riding
      • Kids Camps

Moral of the story, we want you to get the most out of your software solution while simplifying and streamlining your operations. SpaSoft is so much more than just a “spa management system” and can help you increase your revenue streams without having to invest in multiple different software solutions.

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