Ensure Your Spa is Secure with SpaSoft

Ensure Your Spa is Secure with SpaSoft

Ensuring that your property is providing the ultimate guest experience is a crucial aspect to any business. But a pivotal component to achieving high guest satisfaction for a hotel or property is securing guest information through a strong, trusted, and secure software system. Whether it is their first time or hundredth time visiting your property’s spa, understanding cyber hacker motives, what information they are searching for, and a well-trained staff ensures that your guest’s information will be safe and secure. While maintaining client loyalty for a truly memorable experience, this starts with the guest knowing the software being used will keep their sensitive data secure each time they visit your spa.

Understanding Cyber Hackers 101
Understanding the types of data that hackers collect, where they store it and how it is used is a key component to protecting guest information. The first and likely the easiest form of stolen guest data is personal information. This includes your guests’ basic information such as their name, date of birth, and contact information. Cyber hackers target this information to access other personal records such as social security numbers, contact information, as well as credit card and license numbers. The second form of data that online hackers look for are preference data, which is used in hotel properties to track and make note of guest preferences based on their previous visits to the property. Finally, the third and most common form of data stolen is transaction data. This information includes guest credit card information, bank numbers and more, which can be found within the property’s point-of sale-system. Knowing where this information is stored and being aware of what precautions should be taken within your point-of-sale system not only helps secure your property’s reputation, but also ensures that your property is building a foundation of trust and brand loyalty between the staff and guests.

The Role Staff Plays Regarding Security
Ensuring that your staff understands the precautions and procedures that are necessary to avoiding a cyber-attack is a vital part of securing guest data, as it lowers the risk of hackers breaching a property’s point-of-sale or online transactional system. Training your staff starts with recognizing common signs of attempted hacking, such as fraudulent emails or suspicious payment activity. Not only will this reduce the risk of guest information being stolen, but by incorporating more knowledge of cyber-hacking within your spa’s staff training, spa managers can rest assured that their staff is well-informed and capable of handling these situations should they arise.

Secure Your Spa With SpaSoft
From handling multiple credit card transactions to daily retail purchases, a reliable spa management system is a core component for any spa to operate efficiently. SpaSoft by Springer-Miller Systems ensures secure payment processing, which is automatically included within the software and helps provide guests with peace of mind during their visit. Using our spa management system, guest information is protected through a secure payment processing system that makes receiving payments easy and prevents hackers from stealing and retaining any sensitive information. With point-to-point encryption as well as EMV support, SpaSoft is the solution to a secure and stress-free spa experience.

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