The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Give Your Guests the Stress-Free Sanctuary They’ve Been Looking For with SpaSoft

This holiday season give your guests the picture-perfect spa experience they are looking for. Trusted by over 65% of the world’s five-star spas, SpaSoft by Springer-Miller Systems is the only spa management solution that your property will need. With the ease of guests booking online on their own time, the perfect spa experience is not too far away for spas that have invested in a complete, fully integrated spa management system.

Information at Your Fingertips
From revenue projections, guest demographics and more, SpaSoft allows spa managers to perform essential job functions with a single spa management software solution. SpaSoft’s Spa Management System has over 350 reports for the management team to choose from, helping to track and manage spa activities. Gain greater insight into spa performance and leveraging these reports and revenue management tools to optimize the business overall. Leveraging our spa management system, easily gain a comprehensive overview of your spa business in a centralized dashboard view. With the cloud-based nature of SpaSoft, information is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.

A More Personalized Spa Experience for Your Guests
With SpaSoft, managing guest information has never been this easy. With more than 50 countries around the world that have installed our spa management system into their properties, SpaSoft gives your guests a more personalized experience throughout their stay on your property. At the beginning to the end of their stay, your guests will be entering a stress-free zone thanks to the seamless and intuitive nature of SpaSoft. Through our mobile friendly online spa booking feature, guests can book online effortlessly while being able to receive text message notifications to get updates on their appointments at the spa. Using the SpaSoft spa management system, not only will your guests have a more personalized experience during their stay, but spa managers will gain confidence in their relationships between each guest, helping to improve service levels in the process.

Ease and Ability for the Guest and Staff: Online Book Engine, Version 3.2
Along with a more personalized experience, users are not only able to book their stress-free spa experience online, but guests are now also able to book their poolside activities using our mobile friendly app. The latest version of our online booking engine, Online Book Engine (v 3.2), allows for more revenue to flow through your property’s spa seamlessly. By providing an effortless spa booking experience, your guests can now plan out their entire spa visit ahead of time – using the devices and methods they are already familiar with!

Want to learn more on how you can integrate our SpaSoft spa management system into your property? Visit our Request a Demo page and contact us today!