Why it’s a Worthy Investment to Keep Your Spa Staff Trained

Why it’s a Worthy Investment to Keep Your Spa Staff Trained

When it comes to investing within the spa industry, the best thing you can invest in is the people on your team. The hospitality industry as a whole has a reputation for having a high turnover rate due to the fluidity and various opportunities for growth. Spas also experience a high turnover rate, especially when it comes to front desk staff. Investing in your staff assures they are empowered by the spa management system. This gives them the ability to execute their daily procedures, encouraging them to stay within your spa longer. Specifically, the spa software world is dynamic and always changing with new features, updates and enhanced methods to streamline operations. Check out these reasons why investing in SpaSoft training is a worthy investment for your business:

  • 1-on-1 Time with SpaSoft Experts: Every time you upgrade, investing in training is crucial as you are able to have one-on-one time with a trainer who will assist you with the new features, based on what best fits your operations. The entire training process is tailored to you and the way you run your spa.
  • Refresh, Discover & Revitalize: It’s time for you to refresh your staff that have been with your business for a long time, which helps ensure they are using the software to its maximum capabilities. Through training, you might discover different features and modules that could benefit your spa operation. SpaSoft excels at being a powerful tool that management teams leverage to streamline operations and capitalize on revenue.
  • Adapt to Your Business: As your business changes, you can also revitalize the way you use SpaSoft to adapt to your new business structure. For example, you might not have used yield management in the past, however, as your business structure is changing you are able to implement modules that will facilitate your business strategy.

Some of our SpaSoft super users regularly attend webinars, SpaSoft users group events and consistently keep their system up to date with the newest versions and products. Below are quick links to your SpaSoft tool box that your entire team should have access to.

SpaSoft Tool Box

  1. Help Site – Click here to visit the SpaSoft Help Site.
  2. Learn with our SpaSoft Webinars – Click here to register for the next webinar!
  3. Attend our SpaSoft Users Group Event – stay tuned for regional events coming to your area.
  4. 1-on-1 training – Contact your account manager today.
  5. SpaSoft Revitalization – Dedicated time with a SpaSoft expert who will walk you through how you currently use the system and how to enhance your usage. Ask your account manager today about a free consultation.
  6. Free important and maintenance utilities to help keep your system maintained and organized – contact your account manager today.