Time to focus on what’s important – The guest experience, not tedious inventory spreadsheets

Spa Inventory Products

Often, spas do not have an efficient and organized inventory process. Spreadsheets, anyone?  Monitoring and tracking inventory data can seem tedious and take up precious time out of spa managers and directors’ days. With the right inventory and spa management system in place, spa businesses can spend their time focusing on what’s important: the guest experience.

SpaSoft and Yellow Dog Inventory have been partners for over 10 years, driven by the goal of turning the burden of inventory into a seamless process.

The strong integration between these top solutions allows spa directors to streamline procurement and distribution for their entire property. We understand it can be cumbersome to bounce back and forth between applications, so the SpaSoft-Yellow Dog interface provides proper inventory management in Yellow Dog, while allowing accessed in SpaSoft for sales and reporting.

Keeping an accurate track of your inventory is so important for many reasons, including:

  • Streamlining orders and receiving
  • Identifying trends
  • Calculating replenishment needs
  • Preventing loss due to expired product
  • Identifying theft

While Yellow Dog manages all products and inventory activity, SpaSoft Users are able to search, discount, sell and return those products through the POS module, just as they would if the products were created directly in SpaSoft. With this integration however, all product sales or returns made in SpaSoft are synchronized with Yellow Dog in real time, so all product information such as descriptions, barcodes, pricing and stock counts are kept accurately and consistently in both systems. Reports and analytics are very important for any business, which is why SpaSoft inventory reports such as Product Status Lists, Sales Analyses and Marketing Reports will continue to be easily accessible within the system.

With over 200 resort clients, Yellow Dog Inventory is a complete inventory management system used within the spa environment that provides users detailed ordering processes, reporting, bar coding and more. Keeping managers more engaged in the operations side of the business and spending less time secluded in the back office, Yellow Dog makes managing your spa’s inventory simple.

Yellow Dog’s inventory system pulls sales from SpaSoft every 15 minutes, automatically adding and updating items on whatever schedule you choose. Whether you have a single store, multi-store,  or multi-property setup, the SpaSoft-Yellow Dog integration can support you.

Yellow Dog can offer you a complete purchasing workflow, including:

  • Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Transfers
  • Return to Vendors
  • Over 300 reports with automatic email delivery to help you make smart decisions.

With SpaSoft + Yellow Dog Inventory, running your spa will feel like a relaxing treatment every time. To learn more about Yellow Dog’s integration with your SpaSoft spa management system, click here.

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