Streamlining Guest Service at the Spa Kalahari



Less Paper and More Efficiency with SpaSoft’s Wellness Forms

Part of the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, The Spa Kalahari features 11 treatment rooms and a full service salon. During the high season, the Spa might have as many as 150 appointments scheduled for a Saturday. At peak times, the two receptionists may be juggling up to six concurrent arrivals and check-ins.

Previously the Spa receptionists would have each guest manually complete a paper form. The completed paper form went from the front desk to the therapist and then back to the front desk to be manually data entered into their SpaSoft system.

The Spa needed a more efficient way to collect crucial guest contact and health information and make it available to the therapists.

The Spa Kalahari chose to deploy SpaSoft Wellness Forms to streamline their intake process and automate the flow of information from the guest to the therapist. Now when a guest checks in at the front desk of the Spa, the receptionist selects one of the four tablets running SpaSoft Wellness Forms. The app displays a list of arriving guests, making it easy for the receptionist to choose the guest and hand them the tablet to complete the intake process.

First, the guest confirms their contact information. Then, they are prompted to provide any necessary information regarding their health concerns or conditions. They complete the process by accepting the terms and electronically signing Spa Kalahari’s waiver. All of this information automatically flows into SpaSoft where therapists can review it before each appointment – no data entry needed.

“The process flows better with SpaSoft Wellness Forms,” commented Nikki Severson, Corporate Spa Director for Kalahari Resorts. “Before, for guests with packages of multiple treatments it was difficult to filter the paperwork to each provider. Now, all the providers can jump on the computer to check the personal information and away they go. It just makes things easier.”

Guests of the Spa Kalahari have been very receptive to the tablets. For a few elderly guests that have been resistant or unfamiliar with the technology, Spa Kalahari walks them through the questions step by step.

“It’s been a great addition to our spa and lets our guest know that we’re taking things to the next level,” said Severson.

The SpaSoft Wellness Forms have been so beneficial for Spa Kalahari, that they are currently rolling out the functionality at their spas in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“We love going paperless!” – Nikki Severson