SpaSoft Continues to Grow

Have you seen the latest SpaSoft features? SpaSoft regularly releases new features and enhancements so that you can provide better guest service as well as enjoy greater efficiencies in running your spa business. Many of these new features are a direct result of customer requests on our community . In addition, we also try to pay attention to the trends in spa and hospitality to be ahead of the curve. Read on to see some of the latest enhancements.

Check-In Multiple Guests at Once –Great for group business, now you can check-in some or all members of a group reservation at the same time. This will help you move guests efficiently through the check-in process so they can get to the lounge and start relaxing more quickly.

Enhanced Itinerary – Generate an itinerary that displays the line items for a guest’s reservation and also conveniently totals the projected dollar amount as well as the dollar amount that has already been processed and the dollar amount that is ready to be processed.

The enhanced itinerary is a great tool to review with a guest at check-in. You can also use this internally to review which appointments have been processed and what additional charges, such as tips, applied.

Text Message Appointment Reminders – We all live and breathe by our mobile phones these days, and your spa guests are no exception. Make sure appointment confirmations and reminders reach your guests by using text messaging. It’s a great way to personalize service and also really convenient for your guests.

Copy Service Charge — If your spa has a complex structure of service charges, you can now reduce the tedious, time consuming and error prone configuration process by copying specific service charge structures from one active staff type to another.

Enhanced AuditViewer – We’ve made it even easier for you to access the audit logs and views. In addition, we’ve added audit logs for System Agents so you can track what utilities have been executed, who ran them, how much data was processed and what time it occurred.

EMV and Secure Payments with FreedomPay — The SpaSoft FreedomPay interface with Point-To-Point Encryption supporting the EMV solution ensures that SpaSoft is free of all CardHolder data and ensures that the CHD has no way to enter the application. Point-To-Point encrypted devices with EMV enabled capture the data where it is subject to hardware based encryption and then sent directly to the payment gateway via the Workstation Payment Proxy service. Data is then exchanged for secure tokens using FreedomPay’s FreeWay™ payment gateway system.

Don’t miss out on all of these great features for your spa, contact us for details and to get SpaSoft for your luxury spa.