Visibility, Flexibility and Mobility – A Roundup of Mobile Apps for Spa Management

Spa Directors need flexibility and mobility to effectively manage their spa and engage with guests. With the right mobile apps in hand, a Spa Director can confidently manage the business, the employees and the guests while simultaneously growing revenues and improving guest service.

Spas are embracing technology to assist them in executing the high-touch service needed in the spa world. Read more about how spas are deploying these technology initiatives in this blog post.

Greater Visibility

Data at your fingertips is key to making on the fly decisions and truly understanding the status of your spa business. A busy spa director doesn’t have time to run back to the desk and run multiple reports, she needs actionable dashboards in hand and accessible wherever she goes.

SpaSoft offers Business Intelligence to inform better decisions. Intelligence visualizes your spa business data, giving you access to key performance indicators including revenue and utilization data. The dashboard lets you see everything at a glance and allows you to drill down for greater detail as needed.

For those spas that manage multiple locations and business centers, SpaSoft Intelligence can aggregate data across the portfolio. Management can access it with any web-enabled device including a phone or tablet and can view spa-specific data or roll up to view the entire enterprise.

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Simplify Guest Check-In

Spas need a way to efficiently collect crucial guest contact and health information and make it available to the therapists. SpaSoft’s Wellness Forms app streamlines the intake process and automates the flow of information from the guest to the therapist.

When a guest checks in at the front desk of the Spa, the receptionist hands them a web-enabled tablet running SpaSoft Wellness Forms. The app displays a list of arriving guests, making it easy for the receptionist to choose the guest and hand them the tablet to complete the intake process.

First, the guest reviews and confirms their contact information. Then, the app prompts them to provide any necessary information regarding their health concerns or conditions –as customized by the spa. They complete the process by accepting the terms and electronically signing a waiver. All of this information automatically flows into SpaSoft where therapists can review it before each appointment – no data entry needed.

Schedules at Your Fingertips

While in an ideal world the appointment schedule would be set weeks in advance, the reality is that spa schedules are in a continual state of flux. Now that therapists and managers can access their schedule from any web-enabled device, it’s so much easier for them to stay on top of their appointments.

When paired with Wellness Forms, therapists can pull up guest intake forms to review prior to the start of the appointment. This makes it much easier to get the guest information into the hands of the therapist and create a better experience for each guest.

Spas are equipping break rooms with a tablet or desktop so that every therapist has access to real-time appointment information.

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Connect with Guests

Everyone today is on the go. Guests live and breathe by their mobile phone. Many people never get more than a few feet away from their mobile phone. For guests that book an appointment at your spa, sending an email appointment confirmation is great, but it’s likely to get lost in the depths of their inbox. However, text or SMS appointment confirmations and reminders go right to the guest via their mobile phone.

Guests can’t miss the appointment confirmation or reminders which keeps their spa appointment top of mind. SMS appointment reminders get their attention and are a great reminder to guests to arrive early for their appointment. This also helps you maximize your therapists schedule, they’re not waiting on  late arrivals.

Free your receptionist to focus on greeting guests, not confirming appointments. Text message confirmations and reminders are sent from your system automatically. This enables you to staff the spa to focus on guest service, not outgoing calls.

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More Reservations, More Revenue

Guests today expect to be able to book online, whether they’re sitting at their desk or sitting by the pool. They want the instant gratification of being able to reserve online when the inspiration hits them and mobile online booking makes that possible.

Online spa booking will be your 24/7/365 reservationist, always available for bookings. Guests can make appointments at anytime, from anywhere. You have full control over all of the online offerings while providing a seamless booking experience for the guest.

SpaSoft enables your spa to accommodate online and mobile booking. Your guests can check availability, book appointments and even purchase gift cards in real-time using their web browser on their desktop or mobile device. It’s also a convenient way for non-spa employees to book appointments, add guests and print and send itineraries from any workstation on your network.

Now is the time to make your spa run more efficiently, connect more easily with your guests and in general, just make your life easier. SpaSoft provides a full set of mobile tools that will do just that as well as provide visibility, efficiency and greater opportunities to boost revenue. Contact us to get a quote on adding these mobile applications to your spa management.