Reduce No-Shows With Text Messaging for Spas

Everyone today is on the go. Guests live and breathe by their mobile phone. Many people never get more than a few feet away from their mobile phone. For guests that book an appointment at your spa, sending an email appointment confirmation is great, but it’s likely to get lost in the depths of their inbox. However, text or SMS appointment confirmations and reminders go right to the guest via their mobile phone.

Reduce Cancellations and No-Shows

Guests can’t miss the appointment confirmation or reminders which keeps their spa appointment top of mind. SMS appointment reminders get their attention and are a great reminder to guests to arrive early for their appointment. This also helps you maximize your therapists schedule, they’re not waiting on  late arrivals.

You Control the Message, You Control the Timing

Confirm appointments. Send friendly reminders three days before the appointment or three hours. It’s your message and your timing, choose the messages that work best for your spa.

No Manual Calls

Free your receptionist to focus on greeting guests, not confirming appointments. Text message confirmations and reminders are sent from your system automatically. This enables you to staff the spa to focus on guest service, not outgoing calls.

Text message appointment confirmations and reminders are a great addition to your existing automatic email appointment confirmations and reminders. They’re a great way to communicate with guests and ensure guests arrive in time for their spa appointments. It also saves a lot of extra work for your  front desk staff by eliminating manual calls. Talk to us today about text message confirmations for your spa.