Adding On to Spa Services Adds Up to Satisfied Guests

Whether you call them enhancements, add-ins or add-ons – offering service upgrades is a terrific way to differentiate your spa and the client experience. In fact, if you’re not currently offering these enhancements, you’re probably leaving money on the table.

Enhancements can take several different forms. Generally, service upgrades take the form of a sensory addition within the time frame of an existing service, for example aromatherapy oil or sound therapy added to a massage. These additions increase the cost of a service without adding additional time. Other additions such as hair treatments or salt rooms offer ways to increase the per-visit revenue as well as maximize the time guests spend utilizing spa resources. Some additions very naturally lead to retail opportunities.

SpaSoft offers several advantages to spas looking to offer enhancements, up-sell services and tie retail revenue to treatments. Whether your staff is booking the appointment, or the guest is booking online, the time of reservation is a great opportunity to offer enhancements. SpaSoft uses an icon to identify any treatments with add-ins available, so your staff always knows when they have an opportunity to an up-sell a treatment. For online booking, you select which treatments display add-ins and they are offered to the guest every time. By consistently promoting add-ins, more guests will enjoy the enhanced experience.

Even if a guest does not elect an enhancement during the booking process, the opportunity is not lost. Service providers can also offer upgrades and enhancements at the time of service. You can educate and train your service providers to offer these additions and deliver them seamlessly. Use incentive programs and structure commissions to encourage your staff to push service additions. Also, what gets measured gets done. Configure service add-ins as their own business line to allow for detailed reporting.

Using the recommended products feature in SpaSoft can help your staff follow through and close the retail sale. In addition, recommended products are stored on the guest profile for future visits. Another great service addition is to present guests with samples or travel size products to take home with them. Using the promotional products feature in SpaSoft helps you to track and report on those offers.

Service additions can be a great way to enhance a guest’s experience, to take service delivery to a higher level and to provide exceptional guest service that brings guests back time after time. Add-ins also offer a great way to bump up spa revenues.

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