What Does it Really Mean to Provide Excellent Customer Service?

Point of Sale Transaction

This blog post looks at a real-life situation regarding point of sale solutions as observed by Elizabeth Chidiac, POS Product Manager at Springer-Miller Systems.

I was recently traveling with my family and stayed at a resort I hadn’t been to in a couple of years. I wanted to stay there not only because they are kid friendly, but also because I remember the food at their restaurants were excellent.

My expectations were surpassed with each meal not only because of the food, but especially because of the service. No matter what time of day or restaurant my family and I visited at the resort, the server addressed me by name and knew details about my stay and hotel package. During one dinner I wanted to order a bottle of wine I’d had a couple years back but couldn’t remember the name – the server was able to view my history and tell me exactly what I had ordered.

I was so impressed with the service, I called the manager over to tell her about the consistently great service we received while dining at the resort and she mentioned that the knowledge the servers had about my stay, past dining experience, etc. was due to their point of sale system. It integrated so well with their property management system that they could enhance the guest experience easily and make it more personalized. This system even allowed for notes or messages to be sent from the front desk system directly to the POS solution.

Teres POS has enhanced integration to SMS|Host PMS, which allows a point of sale user to view a guest information screen which tells them:

  • Guest name, number in party, length of stay
  • Notes and messages from the front desk
  • Package and payment information
  • Guest member information
  • Status of guest with room charge capabilities

Interested in learning more about Teres POS? Simply visit our Teres product page or request a demo today and see our point of sale solution in action!