Skills for Success: Three Strategies for Successful General Managers

Skills for Success - Three Strategies for Successful General Managers

As the new year begins, the goal for general managers should be to continue focusing on what defined success in the previous year, and how to build upon that success. With a combination of strategic initiatives, a supportive staff, and teamwork, success shouldn’t be difficult to achieve at your property. It is often said that “serving is the best kind of leading”, and with that being said, here are three strategies for any general manager to incorporate into their day-to-day operations that are likely to help them be successful in the new year.

Business Development Wherever You Go
With the new year ringing in, this brings new opportunities of growth and potential success to any team. This means finding, identifying and dedicating time for strategic initiatives to seize throughout the day both inside, as well as outside of the property. Whether you focus on responding to more client reviews, or simply being more active online through different social media platforms, continuing to grow and improve brand reputation is a key factor when developing your property’s name and influence within the hospitality industry. In addition to a strong sense of teamwork, headed by the general manager themselves, influencing your team to follow in the same footsteps will not only help to improve staff morale, but also enhance the guest experience as well.

High Morale and Setting Goals for the Property
As General Managers continue to focus on improving their leadership skills in the new year, it is important to remember that leading by example and demonstrating a strong work ethic can only stand to improve employee satisfaction. In addition, this can also help develop a winning culture and create a greater likelihood of success with everyone having and upholding the same values. To lead by example, General Managers need to communicate to their staff the expectations for the property as well as through action. Fostering a strong team by setting the tone and responsibilities for each staff member on the property not only sets high expectations, but also raises the bar for exceptional performance and service to enhance the guest experience. Not only does this produce successful results for the property, it also creates a positive feeling for the guests and high levels of morale for the staff in their work.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Having Your Team’s Back
As general manager, it is important to remember that success is only achieved as a team; not one person can do it. While it is important to demonstrate a positive attitude and communicate expectations to the property’s staff, it is vital that the staff is ensured that everyone on the property is looking out for one another and the success of the property as a whole. By providing staff with the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed, as well as being a mentor to help the staff grow professionally, not only creates a positive outlook for the property’s future, but will also help the General Manager earn the trust and respect of both their team and the property’s guests.

Continuous learning and growth all come with the role of being a General Manager. By placing high importance on integrity and operating with the property and staff’s best interest in mind at all times, General Managers can slowly build greater trust throughout the property. Through focusing on enhancing internal culture and fostering a positive mentality, staff with look to the General Manager as leader and truly be inspired to work each day. As explained in this Forbes article, “Look for opportunities to build relationships, take responsibility for your team, and never let a bad day or – several bad days – deter you from your vision.” As most General Managers would attest, the job can often be challenging and difficult to maintain a positive demeanor, however, a few tough days or late nights do not dictate the outcome of your success. Instead, it helps dictate the success you are likely to achieve by developing great leadership skills and placing a strong emphasis on both culture and teamwork.

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