What does it mean to give your guests a personal experience?

Exceptional guest experience has always been at the forefront of the Hospitality Industry. One key component to providing that experience and fostering guest loyalty is personalization. Making your guests feel like VIPs can be simple, like greeting them by name or ensuring their room is clean, and pillows are fluffed. Taking this personalization to the next level can also be simple. Below find three easy ways you can make a guest feel at home.

Allow guests to control their stay.

There are many ways to allow guests to control their experience, starting with an online booking engine. Guests can look at rooms, rates, dates, etc., and choose what they want. To follow that up, offer contactless check-in through a mobile app or a kiosk. Utilizing a mobile app can also provide a mobile key and put all property details at guests’ fingertips. Guests can navigate your property, look up hours and menus, and find contact information.

Utilize Guest Profiles.

Your guests provide you with a lot of information about themselves. Saving this information and utilizing it can give your guests a personalized experience. Creating a guest profile to store information like how they book the same room every time they stay or love red wine can help your staff better serve them. By knowing a guest’s preferences, your staff can make recommendations to enhance their stay.

Keep communication open.

Communicating with your guests during each part of their journey is key to creating guest loyalty. Start communicating before guests arrive at your property, during their stay, and after returning home. Communications can be as simple as “we can’t wait to see you” or “welcome to our property.” These simple yet welcoming touches can make a guest feel special. You can also inform them about new menu items, special events, or activities that interest them. Communication can get even easier if you utilize your property management system or other technology to automate these messages. Automation can alleviate your staff’s workload, but your guest will feel welcomed.

Utilizing your staff and resources allows you to implement a few personalization items to elevate your property easily. Your guests’ experience will increase and can result in loyal, repeat guests.