Keep Your Employees Motivated and Feeling Valued


The hospitality industry changes each year, and it can be tough to keep up. With recent challenges like natural disasters, and employee shortages, hospitality workers have had to work hard and be creative to continue their exceptional service. After all the struggles your employees have worked through, it’s essential to keep them motivated and let them know how valued they are.

1. Explain the big picture and how each employee is important to the company.

With larger properties, it’s easy to feel overlooked or nonessential. With each employee, explain the property’s history and goals, where it came from, and where it’s going. Your employees will understand why they do what they do. This will help align the property’s
goals and give your employees a pointed purpose for their role.

2. Show appreciation and recognize a job well done.

Appreciating your employees can be as easy as saying “good job” when you see them perform well. However, there are ways to significantly impact your employees with things
like formal recognition, financial rewards, or an incentive program. Acknowledging your employees’ successes will not only reinforce their value but can help set examples for other employees.

3. Show team members how to advance and make it tangible.

Establishing expectations, steps to advancement, and rewards will give your employees something to work towards. Making these standards clear will let your employees know the property is invested in their future and values their hard work.

4. Include your employees in goal setting.

When setting expectations and standards for a role, including the employee in that role to make sure what you decide is realistic. Being upfront with the employee in what the property needs from them will help reinforce the “why” of their job and their impact.

5. Provide an accessible way for employees to provide feedback.

Employees are a vital resource for properties to get honest reviews. Employees interact directly with guests, carry out processes, and are front row when things go right or wrong. Providing a way for employees to give their feedback comfortably can help properties improve, give out recognition, and ultimately increase their guest experience.

Overall, communication is critical. The more you communicate with your employees about your expectations and their role, the more motivated they will be to do a good job and advance. Further, encouraging your employees to communicate back to you will create a positive work environment and let employees know they are valued.