Improving the Guest Experience: Upgrade to a Complete Point of Sale Software System

As we continue along with our series on improving the guest experience, we take a look and the benefits of implementing a complete, fully integrated point of sale solution. Improving guest satisfaction is one of the top goals for any property. With an effortless, yet robust point of sale system, this goal is more easily attainable for properties looking to improve their payment processing overall. Using a point of sale system, such as Teres by Springer-Miller Systems, you can accommodate the needs of your guests throughout their stay, while creating an enhanced guest experience that will encourage them to want to come back to your property in the future.

Customizing and Implementing Your User Friendly Point of Sale System
From unlimited room and table layouts to customizing your operations screens with different fonts, logos and check layouts, Teres POS gives your property the customization tools needed for success. With the ability to add a personal touch to each point of sale transaction, you can easily tailor the system to the needs of your property. In addition, Teres POS offers properties a seamless, yet detailed implementation process that will have your property up and running in no time. Teres POS offers staff a smooth and stress-free training process to quickly learn how to operate the software and navigate through the guests’ menus and tabs.

Secure Payment Processing and All Around Property Integration
Ensuring that guests are enjoying their stay on the property, Teres POS gives property managers the confidence that all important data and payment information is stored securely. Regardless of the payment method, your guests’ information will be in good hands with secure payment processing using the Teres point of sale system throughout their stay at your property. Payments are backed up and secured through P2PE, EMV, and tokenization features within Teres POS itself, at no extra fee. Additionally, guest data can be saved and stored for any and all retail and food and beverage services done on the property, with the extensive security measures taken with every purchase made.

Flexible and Fully Integrated Point of Sale Software
Teres POS offers unlimited menus, items, modifiers and more, and can easily adapt to accommodate any guest requests that your property encounters. With the understanding that property operations are dynamic and constantly growing, it is crucial to have a point of sale system like Teres that is both flexible and powerful enough to provide a truly positive guest experience. Teres POS is fully integrated with the SMS|Host property management system, providing a central solution for all of your property’s needs, storing data across the entire hotel management system in a single, centralized location.

Interested in learning more about how our Teres POS system can improve your guests’ stay? Visit our Demo Request page and contact us today to view our software in action!