The Impact Generation Z Will Have on the Hospitality Industry

Generation Z

According to an Expedia Group Media Solutions study, Gen Z, which is anyone born between 1995-2000, will be the largest generation by the year 2020. With more than half spending over five hours on their smartphone each day, and roughly 50% using social media platforms to communicate, access news, and more – technology is something this generation is very comfortable and savvy with. This generation has grown up with information at their fingertips and are living through a world that is constantly innovating when it comes to technology. On the other hand, they generally lack patience and can quickly move on to something else if their attention is not captured and the message is not delivered in a way that speaks to them directly.

When it comes to travel, while Generation Z may be too young to book travel themselves, they can have a great deal of influence on where their families go on vacation, and even the specific hotels or resorts they will stay at. Inspired by what they see on social media, they often make their decisions based on the images and videos on their newsfeeds, as well as what others are saying about a destination. With so much travel-related information readily available, Generation Z are looking for more unique travel opportunities that go above and beyond the traditional vacation. One of the main reasons for doing so, is to make their lives look more interesting and exciting on social media, which can be achieved by visiting unusual or unique locations.

The influence of others, especially those that look and act the way they do, can also have a strong impact on Generation Z. They would rather get their information from someone that is relatable, as opposed to an ‘expert’, who can often make it feel as though they are being sold on something. This demonstrates the importance of speaking to Gen Z in a way that they can understand, as well as delivering your message via the channels they are using. With a fear of missing out, this generation truly wants to experience all that it can, while documenting it for their friends, family, and others to see.

With that being said, it is clear that Generation Z currently has a big impact on the hospitality industry, and this is likely only to grow as they get older, enter the workforce, and have more disposable income to spend. Here are a few suggestions on how your property can better attract Generation Z:

  • Leverage tools such as WorldNXT Online Booking to provide a unique, and customized direct booking experience that will attract this age group.
  • Incorporate a property management software with innovative technology such as mobile functionality to appeal to Generation Z and allow them to get in touch and remain in constant communication with your property during their stay.
  • Become part of the experience by reaching out to them before, during, and after their stay, as this generation is most likely to leave reviews and write/post about their experience.
  • Utilize social media to promote your property and ensure positive reviews and enjoyable guest experiences and displayed front and center.
  • Encourage photo opportunities and provide Gen Z with memorable and ‘post-worthy’ experiences that will improve their online presence.

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