Finding a Balance Between Emerging Technology and Utilizing Staff’s Strengths


We are in the age of technology, where new developments and trends pop up overnight. When reading the news or the latest trends on LinkedIn, you may feel that you need to use all the latest technology to stay relevant. While new technology can certainly improve operations and assist your staff in their day-to-day tasks, it’s essential to know your staff’s strengths and your guests.

Many luxury hotels and destination resorts have a long-standing reputation for 5-star guest service. Who is at the center of that fantastic guest service? Your staff. No one knows your property, amenities, and guests like your staff do. Finding a balance between using technology to streamline processes and letting your staff do what they do best is crucial.

You have trained your staff to know your property inside and out; they know the best place for coffee, the shortcut to the pool, and how to get dinner reservations at prime time. Allowing your staff to use their knowledge to serve guests will continue to prove your excellent reputation. However, your staff have a lot of responsibilities, so finding technology that can assist them can be helpful.

Technology, like a robust property management system or automated marketing system, can assist your staff while giving guests a personal experience. Staff can use these systems to streamline their tasks like booking a group, sending confirmation communications, or recording guests’ preferences. Further, based on your typical guests, you can add more services like online booking or mobile check-in.

The key to optimizing operations, equipping staff for success, and delivering a 5-star service lies in tailoring your technology adoption to your staff’s strengths and your guests’ preferences. If your guests prefer the personal touch of a front desk agent for bookings, a robust PMS might be the way to go. On the other hand, if your guests value convenience and efficiency, mobile check-in options could be a game-changer. If you’re grappling with finding the right balance, your PMS Account Manager is a valuable resource who can help assess your property’s needs.


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