Data Collection and Reporting: An invaluable addition to your toolkit

No one knows your property like you, your staff, and your guests. You have repeat insight into things like the most popular dishes at your restaurant, how long guests typically stay, and what brings your guests into town. This type of insight allows your team to make recommendations, plan activities, and be prepared for a busy season. Collecting and sharing data automatically can take your knowledge even further and increase your guest service.

Data collection and reporting can provide valuable information like who is arriving today, how many reservations at your restaurant you have, and monthly revenue. Did you know data collection and reporting can do so much more? Reports can provide insight such as measuring production, spotting trends, calculating guest retention, reservation vs. guest source analysis, and more. Using reports to your advantage can take your property to the next level.

Reports can be an invaluable tool for your team. Knowing that you can pull more than just numbers from your reports will allow you to direct your team in the right direction. For example, if your reports show that most of your guests book reservations from third-party vendors, you can focus your marketing efforts on third-party sites to boost your bookings. Additionally, if you see most direct bookings tend to book longer stays and more activities with you, then you upsell on your website to these guests. Knowing where your reservations come from and what guests tend to book can allow you to make strategic decisions regarding marketing, upselling, and interacting with your guests.

Adding data collection and reporting to your property’s toolkit will allow you to make strategic decisions around operations, guest service, staffing, and marketing. No one knows your property like you, your staff, and your guests, so collecting data right from the source will provide invaluable insight to assist your team. A central system for collecting data, creating reports, and sharing information will make it easy for your team to be on the same page and work together to keep your property at top level.