Benefits of Springer-Miller Systems PMS + ALICE Hotel App Integration

Leveraging PMS Data and Enhancing Interdepartmental Communication for Greater Guest Service

As a guest service focused property, Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa, California utilizes Springer-Miller’s guest-centric SMS|Host PMS along with a collection of integrated guest service and response applications to ensure prompt and personalized service. However, while all of the applications offered tremendous utility and value, it was difficult to get a big picture view of the guest across different departments.

“We had five different systems that you had to go to in order to find all the information about a guest,” commented Jonathan Vail, Assistant IT Director at Carneros. “Although all the systems are integrated to the PMS, the information within each was essentially in a silo.”

Carneros Resort and Spa looked to ALICE to consolidate guest information. The ALICE hotel app consolidates all departments on a single platform to facilitate communication and better serve guest needs. ALICE interfaces to the SMS|Host PMS as well as other systems and offers all the guest details and requests in one place.

The SMS|Host PMS is the central repository of guest information. Through XML integrations, SMS|Host feeds guest information to other systems such as guest response systems and concierge systems. ALICE takes the information from all of these systems and presents it in one convenient application.

“ALICE makes it easy because all the information is in the same place, real-time. It shows me everything I need to know about a guest so I can see if there is any way to make a special touch to that guest’s stay,” commented Vail of Carneros.

How ALICE displays the information is highly customizable. Each property can create the optimal display to leverage everything they know about the guest and their stay, across all their departments, to enhance guest service and provide incredible guest experiences.

“The integration between SMS|Host and ALICE adds extra value to both systems,” commented Vail.

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