2019 Hospitality Industry Recap and A Look Ahead to Trends in 2020

The hospitality industry has seen immense changes in 2019. With the rise in usage of technology, new ideas for improving the overall guest experience, and the latest generation of traveler’s wants and desires, it is clear that 2019 has been the year of change, as we look forward to 2020.

The Rise of New Competition
With the increasing amount of online resources available, many who live in large, tourist cities have opened up their homes to those who wish to travel and experience these cities for a more personalized travel experience. With the ease of personalizing and choosing your stay on any device, companies like Airbnb have quickly become one of the biggest competitors for the hospitality industry in 2019. When using Airbnb, guests are treated to a personalized stay based on proximity to locations they wish to visit, if the home is animal-friendly, and a more flexible price point for each consumer based on the rental they choose to stay in. This is just one of the challenges that hotels are facing today, as the competition is looking to appease the younger travelers. In addition to these factors, many online influencers are encouraging their followers to use this source as a cost-effective way to travel on a budget, while also getting the most out of their travel experience.

Social Media Influencers and Trends
As social media takes on a more prominent role in today’s marketing, those with large followings and fans, commonly referred to as influencers, are paving the way for good and honest branding for the hospitality industry. As stated on WPromote.com, “Instagram is the most popular hub of influencer marketing, as the visual platform displays content exceptionally well for 800+ million monthly active users. It’s been the top choice by influencers, with at least 74% calling it their #1 platform since 2016. Instagram beautifully showcases hospitality content, with aspirational travel images inspiring genuine interest in new locations, foods, and experiences.” Influencer marketing has not only paved the way for guest’s choosing their next travel destination, but virtual communities through social media platforms, blogs, travel sites, and more have continued to enhance properties and their images moving into the next decade. Influencers leveraging more modern technology such as social media have not only impacted the guest’s decision when choosing to stay at a property, but also the guest experience throughout their stay as well.

Digitizing the Guest Experience with Technology and Online Booking
Easy and effortless traveling is one of the many ways the guest’s experience will keep them coming back to your property time and time again. In 2020, expect a rise in both direct and online booking leveraging brand awareness, as hotels look to maximize profitability. Through online booking, guests are able to optimize their stay and make plans for the entirety of their trip. Using products such as our SpaSoft spa management system, guests are able to use the online booking feature anywhere, and at any time, to check availability, book appointments, and much more. Along with booking online, leveraging solutions like the WorldNXT Online Booking Platform, guests can choose their day-to-day activities through these latest tech features, which only stands to enhances the trip overall. Not only does digitizing their experience make their stay more convenient, but by leveraging complete online booking solutions, travel plans can be made at the guests’ fingertips, easily and effortlessly.

A Look Into 2020: Upcoming Trends
As we look into the new year, the main goal for any property continues to be achieving high guest satisfaction. Through a more personalized traveling experience and staying up to date with the latest technology trends, properties can stay ahead of the curve in 2020. Through actions such as making a conscious effort on the property with better sustainability efforts, this will open up hotel doors to environmentally friendly guests. Along with this, utilizing guest profiles and history from past stays, which is available within the SMS|Host property management system, will allow properties to take that extra step forward towards customizing their guests’ stay. This will help leave a lasting impact on your guests and have them wanting to come back for future stays as well. Whether it is minimizing the water usage in hotel rooms or leaving extra towels in the guest’s room based on their preferences from a previous stay, properties can only grow and move forward by continuing to focus on enhancing the guest experience in 2020 and beyond.

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