Supporting a Strong Vision of Guest-Centric Hospitality

Singita Utilizes SMS|Host Hospitality Management System to Provide Unique Luxury Experiences


Singita operates a collection of 12 luxury safari lodges and camps in five different regions of three African countries. Guided by their philosophy of the interdependent aspects of community, conservation and tourism, Singita has built a holistic structure and business model that enables them to sustainably support the local communities, the wildlife and ecosystems and the tourists that are drawn to the area. Situated in Africa’s most renowned and remote wildlife reserves, each of the 12 Singita lodges offers an intimate experience with a range of 6 to 15 rooms at each property.

Each lodge offers a unique experience in its own right, from “off-the-grid” tented camps to private villa style homes. A stay at Singita offers the opportunity to be immersed in the wilderness and experience intimate wildlife encounters without sacrificing any of the creature comforts. Days are filled with game drives on open vehicles with professional Field Guides, walking safaris, visiting one of the successful community projects or simply relaxing at the lodge. With a dedicated team of staff and a private butler a stay at Singita is truly a care free experience.

Guests often book a complete trip including more than one Singita lodge or camp to experience the diversity of wildlife and ecosystems that each region represents.

The Challenge

Although Singita utilized a computer reservations system, they were unable to use it to handle key guest information. They were unable to retain or share guest information, preferences and itineraries across the multiple lodges. Additionally, using their prior system for marketing and financial reporting was extremely challenging.

Singita initiated a search for a hospitality management system that could support their guest-service efforts. Because Singita guests often return and visit other Singita lodges, Singita needed a system that would not only retain a complete guest history and profile, but also provide a single database to serve all 12 lodges in the three different countries. Each lodge needed access to guest history and preferences and Singita needed to be able to craft detailed and complicated reports that not only power their guest service, but also provide the details needed to maintain and grow their hospitality business.

Singita chose to implement the SMS|Host Hospitality Management System to provide guest-centric property management system capabilities for the 12 individual lodges as well as central reservations functionality for their main office located in Cape Town, South Africa. Each location employs its own server and back-up power to ensure functionality at each site – even without power or connectivity. The Central Reservations office manages configuration, availability and rates to ensure consistency across all the lodges. Each lodge can then focus entirely on the guest experience, utilizing the functionality of SMS|Host as their main tool to provide exceptional guest service.

Singita captures the guest preferences and experiences, tracking all the details with SMS|Host. From the lodges the guest has visited to the butlers that have served the guest, the history is preserved. In addition all of their personal preferences are recorded. Using SMS|Host, Singita builds a guest profile for each and every guest, including spouses and children. The process of recording guest information and preferences begins during the reservations process and continues into the lead-up and preparation for arrival. Once the guest has arrived, their butler continues to capture guest preferences in the individual profile.

“It’s time consuming,” commented Greta Brock, Product Information and Systems Manager for Singita. “At the lodge level you have to capture guest information for every single guest and record it in the system, but it is well worth itlong-term.”

All of the information from the guest’s stay goes into the guest profile in SMS|Host. When a guest returns to any Singita lodge, the staff references that guest profile and uses that information to appoint the guest room with the appropriate style of duvet or to present the guest with their preferred cocktail in their preferred glassware. Retaining this level of detail enables the Singita staff to surprise and wow their guests at each and every stay.

“It’s a very unique environment,” commented Yumna Fagodien, Systems and Yield Manager for Singita. “We’re very lucky to be able to go down into that level of detail on guest preferences, then to be able to store it and access it again. Our guests are often blown away when they are greeted so personally upon arrival at another of our lodges.”

SMS|Host’s Traces provide another important tool in the guest-service arsenal. Using Traces to communicate additional levels of detail on the guest’s entire itinerary helps the Singita staff know exactly how to prepare for the arrival of each guest. Traces allow the lodge staff to know where the guest has traveled from, and where they are traveling to at the end of their stay. This provides key information that allows the Singita staff to immediately create a connection with the guest.

Singita employs the fully integrated SMS|World XA booking engine to provide online booking for guests on their website. While direct booking is an important channel, Singita’s travel partners remain their most important booking channel.

“Relationships with our partners have been built over many years,” commented Brock, “there’s a lot of loyalty built into that.”

The ability to create custom, Singita-specific reports provides much needed information that not only powers their guest-service initiatives, but also drives marketing campaigns and outreach. The financial team also relies heavily on these custom reports to track revenue and results across all 12 lodges.

Using SMS|Host enables all of the 12 Singita Lodges to be able to view the same information at the same time. SMS|Host has allowed Singita to create more extensive guest profiles, accessible to each lodge to help them provide their amazing guest service. It’s allowed them to standardize what information is collected, where it is stored, and how it is accessed – elevating the art of service delivery. The central guest data repository provides much-needed information for both marketing and financial reports.


“We’re very lucky to be able to go down into that level of detail on guest preferences, then to be able to store it and access it again. Our guests are often blown away when they are greeted so personally upon arrival at another of our lodges.” Yumna Fagodien, Systems and Yield Manager for Singita

The Singita Approach to Guest Service
Singita takes guest service very seriously. They have invested in the right tools and in their staff to ensure that every detail is perfect for every guest. For example, the Smith family books a reservation for two nights at Singita Grumeti and two nights at the Mara River Tented Camp in Tanzania. Working closely with the Smith Family’s travel provider, the Singita Reservations Agent creates detailed individual profiles including personal preferences for Mr. and Mrs. Smith as well as their two children. Two weeks and again two days before arrival, the lodge prints their custom guest service report to review and prepare for the Smith Family arrival. The Ranger sees that the family is arriving via Johannesburg and uses that information to instantly create rapport with the family as he discusses their travel experiences.

SMS|Host Hospitality Management System
Seamlessly track and serve your guests from their first inquiry through every return visit. SMS|Host opens more doors for resort management than any other software available. It provides the tools you need to master your guest’s preferences, anticipate their needs and create a guest experience that will bring your guests back time after time.