PMS Features to Position Your Property for Success

Set Your Property in a Position to Succeed with the Right PMS Features

Your property management system (PMS) sits at the heart of your property and is essential to your success. Whether tracking guest preferences, managing operations, or taking payments, your PMS must reliably assist your staff and handle your property’s needs.

The process can be overwhelming when assessing your current system or searching for a new one. There are many factors to consider, such as features, cost, existing integrations, etc. However, there are a few features you need your PMS to have, such as detailed reporting, mobile capability, what integrations it supports, and a secure payment process.


Tracking your property’s efficiency and individual and overall guest preferences is key to understanding your property’s strengths and weaknesses. You can easily make changes or increase what’s already working with detailed reports customized to your data and operations.

Mobile Capability

There are so many ways to keep your guests informed and allow them to craft their own experiences. One of the best ways is through a mobile app. Most people always have their mobile devices on them, and an app allows them to view your property map and amenities and make requests easily. Further, you can send them notifications to keep communication flowing.


With so many systems powering today’s hotels and resorts, interoperability between them is critical for smooth and efficient operations. Behind the scenes, your property management system simultaneously talks to many different systems to seamlessly operate your hotel. You want to be sure your current integrations are supported or that there is a way for new integrations to be developed.

Secure Payments

Cybersecurity becomes increasingly imperative each year; you need a system that can safely and efficiently process your guest’s and staff’s financial information safely and efficiently. Ensuring your guests and property’s safety is a number one concern when looking at a property management system.

Your property management system is the key to having a positive guest and staff experience at your property. You need to be sure the system can handle your needs and understands your property. By looking at features like reporting, mobile capability, integrations, and secure payments, you can put your property in a position to succeed.